Club Clothing Sale by

Club clothing are available to buy from

This web shop is provided by MarTekMan for ESB. This offers us:

  • Large product portfolio of badminton products, mostly FZ FORZA, with ESB negotiated fees
  • Name and ESB logo printing “integrated” to orders
  • Direct shipping to your home or to agree a meet-up at a tournament

The web shop has the hidden section for ESB: you have to type the ”/esb” to see our products. These are typically all coming with an ESB logo printed to them.

The shop serves in English and Finnish. Small flag on the page indicates the possibility to change language.

Before, or during, shopping, please register yourself as a user where “Company” is “ESB”. This enables MarTekMan web shop to report all transactions by ESB members and help us to get volume discounts.

In the end of the shopping process, there’s the possibility to agree “Nouto” i.e. pick-up e.g from a tournament where MarTekMan is present. This might be a convenient way sometimes for shipping, with no cost. 

“Order and delivery comments” field:  if you’ve chosen pick up, please mark here when & where you wish to do the pick up.

Name printing: Add product item ”Name printing to the shopping cart. Then use the same delivery comments field to indicate the desired text for the clothes. For example, my shirt would say:
“ESB logo to front, and ”MÄENPÄÄ” text to the back”.

At payment phase, when testing in English, we noticed that the “Checkout” named service at least gives some English version of the process and is thus the easiest to follow.